Saturday, April 5, 2014

Positive Focus

 I'm Kristy, currently a substitute teacher, daughter, sister, friend, student and adventurer. These words describe but do not define me.  I am what I do, I am the choices I make.  I'm writing a blog for laughs and my own sanity. I have always loved to write and now I am making it public, eek.  I am looking for feedback and discussion. I yearn to learn!

It took me a while to realize that all we have in this life is the moment.  I consistently remind myself to bring my thoughts back to the present.  When my mind is somewhere else, I miss out on what is happening all around me.  Time flies quickly enough; I want to experience and enjoy what comes my way.  By nature I am an observer.  Human behavior intrigues, humors and shocks me, but I never cease to be amazed by what is.  There is a lot to be learned through simply sitting back, taking a deep breath and listening.  I believe that we have the ability to step outside of ourselves, to focus on our physical and spiritual surroundings.  Something magical occurs when you let go of what you think SHOULD happen and accept what DOES happen in life.  

Worry and anxiety have been a major part of my life and they are a poison that I am trying to eliminate.  It is an ongoing struggle, a battle of "what if this" or "should I do that?" It is a never ending, downward spiral that can define and destroy one's life.  Thankfully, I have found ways to combat this intrinsic never-ending battle. 

Finding my flow has changed the way I view this life.  The ability to be completely immersed in a task is truly beautiful.  Forgetting time exists, focusing on what is, will change anyone's outlook on life. Happiness is created through one's mindset.  It is not this far fetched, unattainable idea.   I have found my flow in writing, reading, painting, bike riding, singing, etc.

Where do you experience flow? How can you incorporate more flow in your life?